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Objective « Eclat, Personality Development and grooming center.


Every person has in him/her, something which is very unique and very special. Everyone has got such set of qualities and capabilities which depict in the individual, distinct characteristics for which one is liked by others. These characteristics help him/her make their prominent place in the work place, social group and in the family. Only……and only, there is a need to bring out such qualities in the individuals, sharpen the skills, focus the objective and make it helpful and usefully utilise these characteristics to ones advantage. This helps the individual to make his/her prominent place in his own life .

Therefore, the main objective of éclat is to enable individual understand oneself, build up ones personality, bring out special in himself, groom him/her to requirements of career, workplace, social group, educational institution or family itself. We at éclat, train you to develop your personality, groom you for your profession and help you in self management. Special focus is on personality, communication skills, social & professional etiquettes and personal grooming for the chosen role.

We offer many programs, for every person, the youth, ladies and teenagers, which encompass wider aspects of individual traits and work towards building confidence in oneself. We work towards image enhancing & channelising creativity in you, taking the individual to professionalism and grooming the individual socially and culturally. In nutshell, at éclat, an individual is trained, groomed and conditioned to perform what one has set to perform, achieve the goal one wishes to achieve and become a socially active, pleasant and confident individual envied by all.