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Teenager Domain « Eclat, Personality Development and grooming center.

Teenager Domain

Important to understand, analyse and define individual characteristics, interests, attitude and expectations. The image is defined for planning course of actions. This while enjoying everything on the earth as life comes only ones. So important is career, life, fun & frolics while remaing within the designed track.

D11- Identify Yourself
- You are different
- Individual case study
- Attributes analysis
- Interest, attitude and expectations
- Image defining
D12- Confidence Building
- You yourself
- Essentials for confidence
- Emotional Intelligence and developing self esteem
- Overcoming fear
- How to calm your nerves
- Improve concentration
- Confidence building tips
- Practicing confidence
D13- Attitude Management
- Not sure but have an attitude
- Positive/correct or negative or incorrect
- Think of yourself
- Manage your life
D14- Power dressing
- Art of Impactful dressing
- As per age & occasion
- To be distinct
- Dress to kill or to comfort
- Accessories & Necessary add on
D15- Conversation & communication
- Your words matter the most
- Verbal & Non Verbal
- Effective Speaking
- Communication Sound Foundation
- Pitch and Sound Foundation
- Accent Neutralization
- Netiquette, Phone and Chat Etiquette
- Written Communication Skills
- Small Talk Conversational Skills
D16- Group Discussion
- Be the leader
- You are the best
- Command but don't argue
- Acceptance of ideas
- conclusion to be supreme
D17- Friends management.
- Friends are must
- Win friends
- To select
- To reject
- Groom to needs
- Trust warranted
D18- Time management
- A lot to do
- How to select
- How much time for what
- Prioritise
- Sprinting
D19- Social Grooming
- Be capable to be part of social system
- Experience with limitation
- Role to define
- Demands of environment
- Background & Expectations
- Impressive behaviour
- Mannerism
- Shyness Management
D20- Fun & Frolics
- Enjoy life
- Wit & humour
- Get together/ Partying
- Hosting for happiness
- Art & culture
- Adjusting to culture
D21- Leadership
- Born leader
- Create one
- An approach well defined
- Knowledge & capability contribute
D22- Manners & etiquettes.
- No party without you
- Eye of the evening
- Carry yourself
- Manners & conduct
- Grace the occasion
- Social etiquettes